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How much are your puppies?
is the number 1 question we get asked.
The puppies in the 2019 AKC Pomeranians are $200.00 and up.

Why are your puppies so much? is the 2nd question we get asked most often. It's simple really, we offer a service and quality experience not offered by anyone else in the country. (Well, we like to think so, maybe someone else does it as good as we do, but we doubt it)

Firstly, we never send a puppy home at 6 weeks! The earliest we send one home is 8, usually keep them until 10 and often until 12 weeks of age. In that time they get wormed every 2 weeks, their 6 week shot and their 8 week shot. We start them on paper training and crate training. If time allows we also start them on leash training. Of course, each puppy and each litter is different, and we always go at the individual puppy's pace and comfort level. Some puppies leave fully paper trained and crate trained. Others haven't quite grasped the concept, and we never push them past what they are comfortable learning.

We raise the puppies in our home as well as out on the ranch. They learn to be well behaved indoors and outdoors if they need to live in a smaller yard. We also take them to horse shows and rodeos with us. This way they get used to car rides, behaving in their pen, meeting new people and dogs, and get used to all kinds of sights and sounds.

We also socialize our puppies with cats, kids, horses and whatever else might be around at any time. Not much will phase your puppy when you get it home. When you get a Fancy Corgi, you will have a well mannered, highly socialized, well adjusted happy healthy puppy!

Do you ship? Yes we do, we have puppies all over the United States and in Alaska! Shipping runs $300.00-$400.00 and includes vet check, health certificate, crate and airfare. Pomeranians will only be delivered by Flight Nanny Service or in person pick up.

What forms of payment do you accept? We accept all forms of payment including payment plans. Just contact us and we will be happy to work with you. We do NOT accept small children, teenagers, or husbands in trade for puppies. ;)

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